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Software training and support is important, as software is only effective if it is used correctly. Maintaining and fixing software to cope with newly discovered faults or market or regulatory requirements can take substantial time and effort, as any missed critical requirement may force redesign of the software. This is a certain distraction from an organization’s business goals that must be avoided. If you are looking for seasoned, leadership for your software development needs, with knowhow to work with you on developing your requirements please contact us. We will work with you through all the phases of software development keeping you informed at all times. We are experienced in the Software Development Methodologies. We are ready to advise you about which one matches your needs based on your business goal, market competition and preference. Here is a bird’s eye view of some methodologies commonly in use today in software development.


DevSecOps is a new term emerging from the collision of two major related movements. These are agile system administration and agile operations. It is a way of working together as a team. It is people with both developer and operations skill sets working together on product teams to create products.


Network security consists of the provisions and policies Monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network accessible resources. Network security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network security administrator.


Automated testing and build tools help foster code consistency and quality, and when used in conjunction with manual code reviews due to the fact that the likelihood of high quality code increases dramatically. Automated build and testing tools (such as PMD) can remove a significant amount of the trivial issues often found in code reviews, allowing reviewers to focus on the more complex and possibly less obvious issues . The reviews may also refer to the generated reports like PMD or Code Coverage as part of the code review.


We have the subject matter experts. Our network team has the unique skills sets around specific technologies. They have several years of experience in Telecom install maintenance and project management. Our confidence is based on our hands on successful experience.The strength and success of this sector is the source of opportunity and challenge for us. Our aim is to be a source of strength for you by providing you with sound reliable network infrastructure so that you can focus on selling goods and providing service. We can engage in small or larger efforts.