DevSec Ops
DevSecOps is short Development Security and Operations Original implementation of agile focused purely on business representative and technical team members working together to turn user centered requirements into small iterations of delivered software. However, operations and security were often left out of the overall development process. DevSecOps can be described as practices, culture, and technology that fuse application development, security, and operations. DevSecOps is a way of thinking and acting that builds on Agile and Lean Thinking to bring additional speed to deliver technology with greater stability, quality, and security. A strong DevSecOps Program can:

·      Break down siloes between development and operations teams to function as a single team

·      Take an iterative approach, releasing early and often to accelerate go to market

·      Improve collaboration between teams with greater ownership and accountability

·      Reduce inefficiencies and time spent in handoffs between development and operations


DevSecOps is all about speed of delivery and this doesn’t need to be Compromised just because you are adding security to the mix. By embedding automated security controls and tests early in the development cycle you can ensure fast delivery of your applications. DevSecOps: We build secure, reliable, and high scalable application by integrating and automating security checks throughout the application development life cycle.